Wednesday, March 26, 2008


i think tash mcgill wrote this..

everything good done in the world, is done by hope. what we have in our hand, that's our responsibility. to use whatever we have, to do whatever we can. if it's hope, thats a lot.

hope is a light that starts in the darkness. starts with doing the right thing, just doing the best we can, feed the hungry, love the broken, bring hope to the people. get hopefull. make change.

i refuse to believe that the time of heroes is over. i refuse to believe that the cynics have won. i refuse to believe that the world can't be changed. i refuse to believe that my belief can't change something.

i choose to believe that we can change something. i choose to believe that we will not be silent. i choose to believe that heroes still walk amongst us. i choose to believe that hope's story is not over yet.

as surely as the sun rises in he east, as surely as light comes with the dawn, i believe in a love that comes from the deepest place. i believe in a love that sacrifices everything for the sake of the lost, i believe in a love that considers itself last, for the sake of the least. i believe in a love that wins against everything else.

i believe that loves gives birth to hope, that hope is like a great light in the wilderness, that the darkness can never extinguish it, can never blow it out, can never conquer it. i believe that hope can fill the empty to overflowing and the hopefull make change.

Listening to: Daydreamer- Adele

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

i cleaned out my handbag,

and i think this is why i have back problems.
this is what was in it...

hillsong conference rego form.
silver elastic headband.
polaroid film.
rocket summer- do you feel CD.
3 sectioning hair clips.
bobby pins.
pink tissues with hearts on them yeeee.
backmassager in the shape of an octopus.
work apron.
pink highlighter.
11 ball point pens.
black sharpie.
enummi moisturiser.
packet of plasters.
"dont have ugly childern" gum.
h2go bottle.
hello kitty umbrella.
tube of berocca.
pash impulse (lol what is with impulse names!?)
little plastic water gun.
plastic harmonica.
4 bus tickets.
3 lighterss.
immune system pills.
hayfever meds.
zen music player.
australian vogue.
2008 diary.
camp notebook.
3 lip glosses.
stations of the cross booklet.
nail file.
baby wipes.
burger fuel birthday voucher.
office memo prank notes.

not kidding at all!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

life and love and the like.

so much confusion, my head is spinning. i surrender it all, then take it back, then surrender again, so hard. wish it wasn't. please just acknowledge me, let me know what your thinking. part of me thinks it isn't quite as ridiculous as it sounds... is it? hmmm.
you probably wont even read this, but if you do, just know i like you for you, not your band or anything else. and if you do, can you just let me know? k thanks. because i cant go some places or listen to some songs without thinking about you.

Listening to: Corner of your heart- Ingrid Michaelson.