Friday, October 16, 2009


i just wish i could whistle.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

hold on my heart

i know my heart your strong,
got a feeling that you'll survive,
these lost and lonesome times.

hold on my heart, hold on my heart,
find your stronger part and hold on my heart.

thinking of him each day, when he is miles away,
you know it wont serve you well,
it's better for time to tell.

now you're growin, up wiser,
oh, your not so easily crushed,
still innocent and strange,
all your strength still remains.

oh sarah blasko, i do enjoy you endlessly.

p.s- i really enjoy this one alot too. we don't have a picture together and i'm not into that fact at all.

images 1 and 2 found via we heart it.

Monday, October 5, 2009

the ones we love

it feels like my world has been spinning in double- time. meetings every few nights. trips to auckland. shows. youth. threw a baby shower. bridesmaid dress shopping. wedding planning. hens nights to be thrown. youth ball soon. team tonga. but my friends are so so good, so this is for them. in the order i find photos.

rosie posie, i enjoy it when you call me at 2am and keep me company until i fall asleep. i miss sleeping on your floor, i'm sad that i don't see you enough. please come back into my life alot.

beka, babe of my life. encourages me, loves me, hangs with me. the best neighbour you could ask for.

kayla, you are crazy but lovely. and i love you.

amie, i gave you your first nickname within 2 days of knowing you. you make me laugh so much. your bible verse texts get me through work. i just flippin love you.

jess, since you've gotten back there have been so many moment where i have LITERALLY stopped and just had a moment of being stoked that your back in my country. oh i enjoy you so much. arohanui x

josiah, oh rock, come back you dick. x

oh laura, my best, you will be my maid of honour. i can sit, laugh, cry, listen and just be with you. thank you.

leon, my braja- we are so alike in so many ways. i hope you are in my life forever.

kathleen, most sweet-hearted girl i know. you are a joy and light and i love you.

josh, i enjoy you, lets watch john mayer together soon. and august rush. and nick and norahs infinate playlist. good.

bill, you win on every level, you are so decent. i love having weekly(nearly) coffee with you. love you friend.

josh, oh my soul, what a year for you huh? by the end of it you'll have a new wife and a daughter, yikes. you are my brother and i will be here for you always.

bob, you rule, i'm glad your in my life. getting text updates on that boy made me laugh. vetz breakfasts made me laugh. you make me laugh! i'm stoked to lead with you!

p.s- amanda can we hang out soon please? i miss your face. we haven't taken a photo together all year, i think of you often. and lauren joy ness, same goes for you. come and have a holiday at my house please.