Thursday, October 30, 2008

why do you let me stay here, all by myself.

being home alone for so long has gotten to me, i dont know how people can do this, it's been a week and a day and people have been here 3/8 nights, but i feel so lonely and scared. im such a child haha.
i haven't updated in so long, sorry this isn't exciting and full of updates and wonderful photos, i've been so busy..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

you really got a hold on me

hello hello blog world!
life has been super busy the last week and it doesn't stop! i think its coz summers comin' or something..
so, updates..
friday 17th october, on the waipa delta, such a fun night. it was so sweet havin' it on the waipa delta before it moves to auckland (again, what the heck!??).
the top deck was the dance floor and we had blair the DJ busting out some sweet beats which i break and entered to (the best dance move ever, we had a big group of us doing it, fun plus)
and the bottom deck we had the awards and photos in.. so pretty, a few shots of the night..

on saturday we played at my house, i made oreo treats, they were wonderful..
on sunday emily and i made cupcakes, kathleens recipe reading skills were so important for this.. heh heh heh. then we went to church and then played at metropolis.

this week i was really sick on monday and tuesday, but went and played with kelsis puppies on tuesday night along with leong.. they are so cute!

Listening to:Volume 1- She and Him

Thursday, October 16, 2008

just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

my word, i haven't updated in so long!
im so busy right now, its crazy! we have our church ball the oscars tonight.. very cool, we're gunna rock out on the waipa delta before it moves to auckland (question: how do they move it there??).
i'll hopefully update with photos tomorrow!

- somebody replied to this saying that they take the elevator incase they meet somebody amazing.

Listening to: Seven- The Ember Days

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

happy birthday jessie mee...

my lovely friend jessie mee, half way around the world, happy birthday!

for those of you who dont know jess, i pity you, get to know her via her blog

for those of you who know jess and are yet to wish her a happy birthday i suggest you head to her bebo, facebook or myspace quick smart and do so!

for those of you who want to date jess i will accept applications via comments on here.

for those of you who would like to win jess' heart/be sweet friends with her, you could start with buying her a coffee or an ice cream.

things i like about jess
#1. her ability to make me giggle for hours.
#2. late night chats about paarchute every summer.
#3. jess sees the value in coffee dates for any reason at all.
#4. her astounding sense of style yeeow. seriously though, shes amazing, have you seen her?
#5. that she converted me to diet coke and now im somewhat addicted, she also re-kindled my love for original flavour fantastic rice crackers.
#6. she is incredibly loving and always goes out of her way to make people feel at ease.
#7. she came over to my house and made me breakfast once, i really enjoyed that (she even bought feijoa juice with her which is my fave)
#8. i so admire the way she can make smalltalk with anyone and everyone who crosses her path, and she doesn't even sound like a dick when she does it!
#9. she sends me lovely txts from england which often become the highlight of my day.
#10. she can play the drums, and i really do admire this haha.
#11. her room is beautiful, i know this sounds weird but i really like nice bedrooms.
#12. we have wars about whos brownie is better, since it is her birthday i will pretend that hers are (this is obviously untrue)
#13. she is very creative, true story.
#14. she is an adventure mastermind... i miss going on adventures with her.
#15. she enjoys eating fruit possibly more then i do.
#16. once upon a time we had a leaders camp in waihi and there was a storm, we were convinced that our tent was going to fly away carrying us with it so we slept in her car and woke up to our tent being packed up and people staring at us, this isn't really a quality she has but i enjoyed this time.
#17. she left her comfort zone, flew to the otherside of the world and is serving Jesus and blessing everyone she meets, i think thats pretty big!
#18. she can parallel park, i cant, gutted.
#19. she ran a half marathon, i was totally impressed.

i love you lots jess, il try send your package next week, it will have maximum fun in it then, happy birthday!

moments like these..

i just enjoyed a 3 day weekend and it was perfect! it started on friday night at bekas house. we watched juno (again) had a dance party and roasted marshmellows over the brazier (this just turned into a marshmellow war hah!)

another feet shot? perhaps a new tradition for me?

josh and i rockin out

some marshmellow/brazier action

saturday morning i woke up bright and early and met laura for breakfast at scotts, we did a bit of shopping then i went home quickly before going over to kelsis! we had her birthday lunch, made yummy cocktails and then went for dinner at cullens...

kels, sarah and i leaving for cullens..

it was yum!

josh and leong being awesome(?)

kels and i as we left cullens..

sunday i had lunch with mum at sierra, then went to church early with beka to help with set design, it looked amazing for the record... then metropolis.

monday! dave, gretta, beka and i went on an adventure to auckland for the day! the weather was terrbiel haha but it was still so fun.. shopping in sylvia park, op shopping on k road, visiting friends at hostels, eating dinner in the metro foodcourt, followed by drinking chais (from circus circus yum!) and dancing in the rain up mt eden.. gretta provided the supplies (bottles of water with freshly squeezed lemon which she squeezed in the car and bananas) and i provided the sweet beats... magical. i missed jess... jess i missed you!

i think bekas into me?

mt edens even pretty in the rain..

circus circus!

dave and c.p (co pilot)

the sweet beats..

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

we could drive 'til we've run out of road

i just watched the cutest movie..

.. No Reservations, I love it! it makes me happy, i like happy movies, if you need a happy movie, you should watch this one :)
- i just said happy waaay too many times haha.

mmm today i bought gladiator sandals! and im still stoked on them, which means they were worth every penny :)

also, laura and i are going to scotts for breakfast tomorrow morning, at 7:30am whats more.. but i love scotts and i love laura! and i love breakfast, speaking of, you should check out its so pretty, except if you dont like breakfast (you are crazy and maybe our friendship will be over).

im going to clean my room now, my little corner of the world is currently a huge mess! night! xo

Listening to: What to do with Daylight- Brooke Fraser

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

but i'd be happy here

p.s- my fave customer margaret came in yesterday, this was how our conversation went.

margaret- your voice is sounding abit husky dear, are you ok?
me- yeah im fine, i just had a bonfire on the bech in raglan late sunday night and im paying for it now.
margaret- ohh i see, did you meet a lovely man for yourself there? -winks-
me- just laughing.. not quite, not quite...

awh love her!