Tuesday, September 30, 2008

please slow this ride, it moves too fast

the sun is shining outside my window and its looks summery, but secretly it is so so windy! so im staying inside for now heh.

i just bought the new vogue (australian cause thats all the supermarket had) and im gunna read it while im on the tredmill i think..

still so tired from the weekend but it was real sweet, i'll post pictures of the bonfire soon! aaaand its 9 days til in his honour and 8 days until berni and dan get here from wellington! so excited, love them :)

me and donk with some mac book fun on the weekend.

im also pretty sure im spending most of my days dreaming of roadtrips and op shops and picnic dinners and summer time shows, and then happily sighing.. like right then hahah.

so list of things im looking forward to right now..
#1. breakfast at scotts with laura on friday.
#2. kelsi turning 18 on saturday! we will party aaaall day! yeee!

#3. finishing off jess' parcel and sending it off (it won't arrive in time for your birthday jess :( but it will be amazing ok..)
#4. The show at eastside next Tuesday.
#5. This weekend, i hope the weather is nice and we can have a picnic!
#6. IN HIS HONOUR! seeing dan and berni!
#7. The Oscars! our church ball, we're having it on the waipa delta this year, i needa buy some shoes..
#8. purchasing my gladiator sandals and wearing them with pride and joy! haha
#9. East Coast road trip! Labour weekend come to me in a dream...
Thats all the mai events for this month, exciting!
What are you looking forward to?

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Friday, September 26, 2008

sleepovers and cups of tea

hello friendlies.

last night at church we had the world vision girls night out, i was helping with hosting and it was pretty hilarious, julia grace and petra bagust are two very funny ladies! after it finished i had a sleepover with my lifegroup girls and beka, it was nuts. there was movies, and laughter, and mi goreng at 1am. aswel as pushing people in the pool, photos, singing and playing on the gym equipment, i love my girls!

now i am sitting and drinking a cup of tea while i wait for beka to arrive.
or camp rock to come on, whichever comes first! except i think i'll pop out to get some more batteries for my camera first since a bunch of people are visiting me tonight to watch movies (my parents ran away from new zealand AGAIN, in aussie for the weekend) and tomorrow night after church we are hopefully! going to raglan for a bonfire, the weather doesn't look that promising though, so there may need to be a back up plan.

(our last bonfire in raglan when jess was still here, although im pretty sure shes taking the picture)

i put lots more photos on my walls yesterday afternoon when i left work early with the flu/some dumb sickness. im basically sweet now though.

oh! i also went out for breakfast with laura yesterday morning, perfect!

i really miss jess! jess, i miss you! i need more credit for my phones and things.

that is all for now, a little boring but ahh well. x

Monday, September 22, 2008

i've been sitting, waiting, wishing.

hello blogging friendlies!
here is my list of things to do between now and the end of january, join me on my adventure!

1. eat a huge ice cream at pokeno.
2. go on a new years roadtrip with friends and make memories.
3. go to the east cape with kelsi and wear trackpants for 4 days heh heh. ok maybe not the trackpants part.
4. but gladiator sandals!
5. have more sleepovers, especially with laura. with raspberry drops, mmm. and summer heights high.
6. have more themed parties and bbqs and pool parties at my house.
7. completely re-decorate my room.
8. take so many photos.
9. run more.
10. swim in the ocean. (i hate/am scared of it, geek i know)
11. buy pretty togs like the ones i like in frankie.
12. have the best parachute ever.
13. go on day trips to raglan.
14. sit in garden place reading magazines and eating gelato with laura.
15. talk to jess on the phone more.
16. get to know new friends better (this is you amanda :] )
17. go to hastings with leong. i think it was hastings that he said anyway.
18. go on lots of picnics.
19. dinner parties!
20. hang with emily lots and bake cupcakes before she leaves.

ok thats enough for now heh heh... what are some of your things to do this summer?

stole this pic from lauras coputer so i dont know where its from x

Friday, September 19, 2008

dearest sarah and margaret

sarah and margaret are my two most faourite customers. they are sisters and they are probably about 60-70.
they were there on my first day of work 18 months ago, and they still come in.
on my first day they gave me a pep talk when i probably looked like i wanted to cry, they say im like their grand-daughter. margaret kinda reminds me of my nanna, kinda out there and stuff.. they tell me i will make some man very happy one day, heh heh heh.
when im stressed out and want to run away from all the mean customers, i think of them.
please be nice to your waitress/barista/cafe supervisor person :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

ways to win my heart.

a list of ways that will win my heart, if you ever hear of a boy trying to win my heart (please jesus one day haha) you can pass these thoughts on..

write dates in my diary like on 27 dresses.. cute!
fill my room woth little post-it notes you've written on.
take me to breakfast.
take photos with me.
one word.. flowers.

thats all i have right now.
the post-it note one is a biggy though hehe.. one day..

Thursday, September 4, 2008

come to me in a dream summer

im so excited for summer, top things im looking forward to..

1. going on a roadtrip to wellington with laura, kelsi, israel and david. we're going for new years and i can't wait! aughhh!

2. parachute '09. already makin' plans, exciting!

3. watermelon and all other good fruit.

4. bbqs and pool parties at my house, party central all year round, i love it.

5. the beach! walking along the sand, roasting marshmellows over the fire, all so good!

6. wearing pretty dresses and gladiator sandals please.

7. painted nails.

8. looking at the sky for hours.

9. family times, christmas and fairy lights.

10. holidays and making memories, lazy nights, the way the air feels, and the atmosphere of the summer time.

11. ice creams in cones and green frujus! mixed lollies from the dairy.

12. late nights in metropolis after church.


actually lots more things, but that for now..

i really like this picture, it reminds me of roadtrips.

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the truth will set you free.

so many people comin' and going, isaiah flew off yesterday, im ok, more then ok.
i came to my own revelation about something that has been taking up way too much of my headspace lately and it feels like a weight off my shoulder, thank you jesus.

isaiahs last night in nz, we watched thats so raven til some silly hour, such rockstars.

i have some really beautiful people in my life. like my lifegroup girls.

me and glowia.

hannah babe.

today i cleaned my room, then i got bored of cleaning it, i really want to re-do it completely, its too small for a double bed, disappointing.

tomorrow night we have a girls night at church, with a wedding theme, it'll be so so cute! i picked up some fairy lights for it today, i hear that there may be a chocolate fountain too, yum! i'll take pics.

i found this cool thing on another blog that i like to read, its so pretty and inspiring.

1) clothes shop: i'd have to say probably dotti and opshops.. except that alot of my shirts are online and from bands.

2) furniture shop: redcurrent have so many lovely things! i want a coat stand from there!

3) sweet: so hard! i have such a sweet tooth! i love ice cream, and chocolate fondue! mm yeah, those the most.

4) city: i do love hamilton coz thats where most of my friends are, but to visit i love wellington in nz. or sydney was amazing! i like it the most out of every where i've been in australia. america i dont remember too well. fiji, well its nice to relax but i get bored.

5) drink: ohh! i am basically addicted to diet coke! but i love lemon, lime and bitters, ice green tea and hot blackcurrants! and coffee mm. and wine sometimes.

6) music: too much to even start, acoustic, folk, hardcore, pretty music, basically everything, even abit of ya trick ya if i'm in the right mood ;)

7) tv series: extras, summer heights high, friends, shortland street! ohh and gilmore girls and kath and kim!

8) film: chick flicks and feel good movies, right now i love 27 dresses. but also into the wild and batman etc.

9) workout: walking. or team sports.

10) pastries: ohh croissants! especially with chocolate in them, yum! pastries are such a weakness of mine!

11) coffee: yum! either trim flat white or trim caramel mocha if i need the sugar heh heh.

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