Tuesday, September 30, 2008

please slow this ride, it moves too fast

the sun is shining outside my window and its looks summery, but secretly it is so so windy! so im staying inside for now heh.

i just bought the new vogue (australian cause thats all the supermarket had) and im gunna read it while im on the tredmill i think..

still so tired from the weekend but it was real sweet, i'll post pictures of the bonfire soon! aaaand its 9 days til in his honour and 8 days until berni and dan get here from wellington! so excited, love them :)

me and donk with some mac book fun on the weekend.

im also pretty sure im spending most of my days dreaming of roadtrips and op shops and picnic dinners and summer time shows, and then happily sighing.. like right then hahah.

so list of things im looking forward to right now..
#1. breakfast at scotts with laura on friday.
#2. kelsi turning 18 on saturday! we will party aaaall day! yeee!

#3. finishing off jess' parcel and sending it off (it won't arrive in time for your birthday jess :( but it will be amazing ok..)
#4. The show at eastside next Tuesday.
#5. This weekend, i hope the weather is nice and we can have a picnic!
#6. IN HIS HONOUR! seeing dan and berni!
#7. The Oscars! our church ball, we're having it on the waipa delta this year, i needa buy some shoes..
#8. purchasing my gladiator sandals and wearing them with pride and joy! haha
#9. East Coast road trip! Labour weekend come to me in a dream...
Thats all the mai events for this month, exciting!
What are you looking forward to?

Listening to: Better Way- Mumsdollar


setyourselfonfire said...

I love reading your blog. If you updated every two seconds i'd be happy :) Hehe. Yay show on Tuesday night, hopefully we can get Laura to come too and we'll commemorate the night with photos once again.

Jeremy loved Juno, so happy.

You my dear, are the best. So cute and you have the most awesome laugh.

Oh and p.s i love the photo with your feet + huckleberry :)

jessie_mee said...

How do you guys get the oscars on the freaking waipa delta this year?!
so bitter