Monday, September 15, 2008

ways to win my heart.

a list of ways that will win my heart, if you ever hear of a boy trying to win my heart (please jesus one day haha) you can pass these thoughts on..

write dates in my diary like on 27 dresses.. cute!
fill my room woth little post-it notes you've written on.
take me to breakfast.
take photos with me.
one word.. flowers.

thats all i have right now.
the post-it note one is a biggy though hehe.. one day..


Zahra said...

heyy darlin x)
i dont know how to do this
but love your blogg!

bobsblognz said...

I just dont get flowers. they die. Fast. What about something more practical, like an investment portfolio haha

setyourselfonfire said...

love you poopy :)
we must get together again soooon!