Friday, September 19, 2008

dearest sarah and margaret

sarah and margaret are my two most faourite customers. they are sisters and they are probably about 60-70.
they were there on my first day of work 18 months ago, and they still come in.
on my first day they gave me a pep talk when i probably looked like i wanted to cry, they say im like their grand-daughter. margaret kinda reminds me of my nanna, kinda out there and stuff.. they tell me i will make some man very happy one day, heh heh heh.
when im stressed out and want to run away from all the mean customers, i think of them.
please be nice to your waitress/barista/cafe supervisor person :)

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Emmi said...

awww.. i love regular customers, expecially the nice ones! they sound amazing! i can just imagine them! xx