Sunday, May 24, 2009

my heart always gets involved so quickly. when i love people, i don't hold back a whole lot. feels like i loved the wrong person again.

p.s- i bought paw paw ointment. and some more john mayer cd's. also, some winter boots and two new postsecret books.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

paw paw ointment please.

i would like to re-decorate my room.
never have to sleep so i can read alot.
have a never ending supply of green tea.
and to be able to burn incense without it making my mama dizzy.

i also spend too many hours getting lost on late at night instead of sleeping.

and i'm into truth in a big way.

i love these youth

we had a youth camp on the weekend, 80's fever! dressed up 80's, did 80's aerobics, made music videos and raved. i love these young people.

Bob's lifegroup, so so good.

man they are cool! i was not that cool hahaha..

express rave in the forest please?

amazing :) thank you team.