Monday, June 30, 2008


my sister had her baby last saturday (21st june) her name is alyssa rose and she is beautiful! i met her the following monday and shes just so perfect and lovely. eeeep.
heres some pictures of the family and things..

saturday night (the 21st again..) i went to support you are i am in tga. leon drove again, ka pai. kelsi, came once again, im turning her over to "the otherside" its wonderful heh heh heh. the weather was nuts driving over the kaimais but leon was basically a pro. i saw lauren which was SO exciting! and my new best friend eden. wendys was shut after the show so we ate dominoes and tiny teddies in a bus stop in gate pa, holla! there was also good, good music provided, celine, whitney, mariah, spice girls, basically all the good stuff ya know hah.

that was a week ago now, coz i just had the weekend again, it was pretty low key though, not many adventures coz ITS ONLY 5 SLEEPS TIL SYDNEY. so so so excited! you have no idea, il try blog and things over there, coz we'll have time to kill between meetings and things.

i still haven't written the blog for you bob.. im sorry, its coming... but for now, bed time..

Listening to:Sea of Love- Cat Power

good things..

Jesus, friends and whanau, music, smiles. cups of tea as big as my face and early morning or late night coffee. tight hugs, kisses on cheeks and holding hands and not wanting to let go. fun op shop finds and bargains, long singlets and even longer cardis. cozy beanies, too many scarves and huge bags. being mum to my friends, having snacks in my bag and candy in my car. roadtrips, quality conversation and sing-alongs at the top of your lungs. prayer time with friends, reading the word, discovering new things. going on adventures, new places and faces, cultures. cafes, reading for hours, marshmellows over bonfires, going to the beach. notebooks, dim lighting and vanilla. chai, polaroids and lomography, making memories. city lights, play dates, night time. the sky, words, 24 hour stores. spontaniety, catching winks, baking, that boy. advice from friends, starbucks couches, wooden jewelerry. floral prints, going to shows, ice cream in any weather. generosity, tea pots, new magazines, old books. joy, faith, hope and love is the movement.

i'll add to this over the next week or so coz it makes me happy when i do :)

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

busy busy busy

update time:

i had a crazyyy weekend, friday night went up to noise with leon and then israel an kelsi decided to come to heh heh. saw lauren, gave her the biggest hug of my life and saw some sweet, sweet bands. also found my new addiction, lip iced green tea, citrus flavour, but im told peach is even better, i'll try it something this week mmm

anyways, arms reach rocked the party, or whatever you say. and mumsdollar made me extremely happy like they always do when they play, its funny coz im still stoked on them after all these years, its good as. and then we went to our car and we got towed! booo! so it took 2 hours and $200 to get the car back. leon went in search for the car with caleb and isaiah while kelsi and israel and i stayed back at the cathedral in parnell. we took pictures. heres some...

we got back to hamilton at 3am (after hilarious tired talk) and i was on call for work on saturday but never got called in (hallelujah) so chilled til emilys party at barzurk :) then we went on some adventures, they were fun for awhile, but then i was sick and everyone was just talking about how they are all leaving (bain of my existence i swear)

sunday i slept lots and churched and jess got baptised! and now its back to work, went for coffee again with rosie yesterday afternoon(monday) we chilled, it was good, she took pictures

.. its also totally necessary that i tell you right here that in amongst my adventures with rosie i bought onesie pajamas! i do infact plan on wearing these in our backpackers in australia hah!

so now im gearing up for a few busy weeks, tga this weekend (i hope) then australia on the 5th of july, jess' fundraiser the day i get back (eeeek) oh! heres a poster for that designed by the wonderful Danelle, shes amazing..

come come come!

also i think i should rename this phlog? coz it has so many photos usually. its been raining, i love it at night time :)

Listening to: Speak for Yourself- Imogen Heap

p.s- hi bob :) i will write a new blog tomorrow night re. our discussions tonight hehehe.

Monday, June 9, 2008

updates and the weekend

i feel like i didnt even get a weekend! i worked saturday, went to a show that night, went home early coz i was wastedddd. slept in on sunday then went to church. and just like that, gone.

BUT! in more exciting news!
i got my restricted! wooo!

tis is my "aughh i dont even like driving" face.

and my dad was so proud of me he bought me flowers and a charm for my pandora bracelet :)

photos from the show... you are i am's first show mind you. sucks how im too short to see anything, so i just put the camera up as high as i could reach. point and shoot.

me just leaving for the show

You are I Am.

i like my room lots and heaps.

i stole mums camera then took pictures of things in my room from my bed hahaha. i couldn't sleep and this was the outcome.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008


i love you lots and lots. but im done chasing. im done with being the only one making any effort. (this is not just one person, friendships and things)

Monday, June 2, 2008

its not always simple

I love my Jesus passionately, but its not simple. when I wake up in the morning I dont necessarily jump out of bed and start praising Him. It's a fight, every day, to pray, to read the word, to be obedient. To rediscover that love every day. To say yes to the things of my creator and no to the things that aren't of Him. It's not always simple. But it's worth it.

Listening to: Over the Water- Shooting Stars.

finally now, you see, that forever begins this moment, and the same hope, has given me life, has given abundantly and these tears wash clean all the years of doubt, and painful memories, i would have waited here, forever for you, on my knees.