Monday, June 30, 2008

good things..

Jesus, friends and whanau, music, smiles. cups of tea as big as my face and early morning or late night coffee. tight hugs, kisses on cheeks and holding hands and not wanting to let go. fun op shop finds and bargains, long singlets and even longer cardis. cozy beanies, too many scarves and huge bags. being mum to my friends, having snacks in my bag and candy in my car. roadtrips, quality conversation and sing-alongs at the top of your lungs. prayer time with friends, reading the word, discovering new things. going on adventures, new places and faces, cultures. cafes, reading for hours, marshmellows over bonfires, going to the beach. notebooks, dim lighting and vanilla. chai, polaroids and lomography, making memories. city lights, play dates, night time. the sky, words, 24 hour stores. spontaniety, catching winks, baking, that boy. advice from friends, starbucks couches, wooden jewelerry. floral prints, going to shows, ice cream in any weather. generosity, tea pots, new magazines, old books. joy, faith, hope and love is the movement.

i'll add to this over the next week or so coz it makes me happy when i do :)

Listening to: The district sleeps alone tonight- The Postal Service.

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