Monday, June 30, 2008


my sister had her baby last saturday (21st june) her name is alyssa rose and she is beautiful! i met her the following monday and shes just so perfect and lovely. eeeep.
heres some pictures of the family and things..

saturday night (the 21st again..) i went to support you are i am in tga. leon drove again, ka pai. kelsi, came once again, im turning her over to "the otherside" its wonderful heh heh heh. the weather was nuts driving over the kaimais but leon was basically a pro. i saw lauren which was SO exciting! and my new best friend eden. wendys was shut after the show so we ate dominoes and tiny teddies in a bus stop in gate pa, holla! there was also good, good music provided, celine, whitney, mariah, spice girls, basically all the good stuff ya know hah.

that was a week ago now, coz i just had the weekend again, it was pretty low key though, not many adventures coz ITS ONLY 5 SLEEPS TIL SYDNEY. so so so excited! you have no idea, il try blog and things over there, coz we'll have time to kill between meetings and things.

i still haven't written the blog for you bob.. im sorry, its coming... but for now, bed time..

Listening to:Sea of Love- Cat Power

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Room One Knighton said...

Im glad you have remembered because I have been checking! hahaa