Saturday, July 5, 2008

sydney day 1...

hello from sydney!
its 8:15pm and we've been awake since 11:45pm (aus time) and we're about to go to luna park! woooo!
so so tired, but stoked as anything!

we flew into sydney at 7:00am-ish, first thing we bought was krispy kreme donuts hahahaha how embarassing..

then paul dunn picked us up and took us back to see max! wooo! we went to a sweet beach and scaled rocks and laughed at all the rich people of the area driving their porches. we had a mean car, mean coz its called rambo.. then we went and had some pumpkin soup for lunch and went to some amazing markets! or maybe it was the other way round, i dont quite remember.. we hung out abit then ended up back in town, our backpackers is mean by the way!

then kath, israel and i went exploring the city and shopping for a few hours, fun fun times. they have a four story woolworths here, nightmare i tell you. we also went to st andrews cathedral! the first cathedral in australia built in like 1819 or something, its absolutely gorgeous! with amazing stained glass windows and a HUGE organ! pics and videos up soon, we should probably go wake everyone up and catch our train to luna park (israel and i are getting into some sweet internet action in the lobby/room/thing) everything is bright and busy and exciting! tomorrow we're gunna go to china town in the morning (love) where i hope to find an oversized 50cent tshirt and some tshirts with australian wildlife printed on them (im not kidding)

there was just some yelling in the hostel, dont know what about but i think nz won the rugby against sa so thats a good story. anyway, whatever, i havent slept for way too many hours, night!

love bizzle x

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Thomas said...

hope youre having a great time!!!

miss ya heaps!