Wednesday, July 30, 2008

i really needa get better at this..

i've had a couple of really busy days mmm
we had our churchs 'inspire conference' that started last thursday and went through to sunday so i've been pretty busy with that. conference was actually so good! pastor wayne alcorn spoke and was amazing!

a wee shot of amy and i. ahh yeah, im actually so short and shes so tall that her head got chopped off haha.

on friday night after conference i went and saw batman, such a good movie! so, so stoked on it man...

saturday night after conference we chilled at rosies place and did nothing much of anything really, i love those nights.

mmm sunday afternoon i went to wykies birthday lunch with rico, it was good. so was metropolis that night after church, i should have taken more photos this weekend!

aaand yesterday (tuesday) i hung with isaiah before he leaves

and had dinner with kelsi and jess. we went to al dente, i had some yummm pasta! we got azn photos and then we spotted joshs van across the road, we walked over to it and realised it was unlocked so we sat in there until josh came down from band practise, hahahaha i also wish i got a picture of his face, it was gold heh heh.

about to leave..

at al dente

a couple of shots of us in the van

today i felt pretty sick, and dizzy most of the day, BUT i had possibly the best dinner ever just before, greek yoghurt with walnuts on top, yus!

mmm so this is my wishlist right now:
1. a new phone on the telecom network. mine dies a few times a day, its waaay too old.

2. another cd stack/shelf/case/thing, my cds are starting to stack up all around my computer hah.

3. the time/energy to re-do my room. mmm yeah.

4. a new tape adaptor, mine broke and now i just have the radio in my car. speaking of car stereos, i need a new one of those too.

number 4 i will fix tomorrow i hope. maybe number 2 aswel, im gunna have a look at the warehouse. and the opshop. anybody wanna give me a new phone?

i really like rob ryans art at the moment

its all about love. ahh dear. boy, you confuse me so dang much.

Listening to: Half these songs are about you- Nizlopi

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bobdavidblog said...

I swear I just wrote a comment, but I don't know where it went. You look really pretty in the photos with Isaiah