Wednesday, July 9, 2008

sydney day 2, 3, 4 and 5

ok finally got some internet action going on, the internet was down at conference yesterday and been busy and things.
i have 27 minutes left so il be real breif and add more later..

saturday night we went to luna park, it was the man, i went on the carousel and ferris wheel and all those exciting things and the lights where REAL pretty over the habour yeeee..

sunday morning kathleen and i woke up and went to meet max and liam in town, we went to china town and paddys markets (which were amaizng) then we got some lunch whilelm we watched some street performers, playing some sweet, sweet music. then we walked to darling harbour which was BEAUTIFUL. it looked like L.A so much! the weather was amazing and there were all these palm trees and a man made river of water features that goes on for like 1km or something nuts. oh and we saw another street performer, we watched his whole show so we gave him some money, he was hilarious! then we walked to circular quay where the opera house is, this took forever mind you coz max took us on an adventure. when we got there we saw that the rocks aroma festival was on, amazing coffee, chocolate, tea and spice festival! with millions of stalls and demonstrations and free coffee, so good. mmm then we went back to maxs for abit then to his church with him, met his friends which was sah-weeet, then went to a pub typek arrangement for some dinner, mean. oh then we went to this lookout, it was nice until this weirdo came along but thats a really long story... then kath and i trained home at some silly hour, i like public transport here, its good as.

monday was shopping day, then we tyrained out to olympic park for first night of conference!can i just say wow. that about covers it.. photos later.

tuesday was first full day of conference, we were at jam, i felt like i was 40 years old but we sung healer and mike guglielmucci prayed for us, i love that song with huge love.. mmm then we had lunch break and waited i line for 40 minutes for some average kebabs, gay haha. we got back to olympic park, went exploring, kathleen went crazy so we went and sat in lawn chairs in the 'relax area' israel houghton was the freakin man...

its now wednesday but il update soon this internet cafe is in a real awkward position at conference and people keep thinking im information or something and asking me questions like where do i get my pass or volunteers tshirt, or i thought we got free dinner too and im hungry.. awkward hahaha but this could totally work to our advantage, we discussig the possibilities with the friend;ly jam leaders right as i type hah..

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Luke and Bob said...

Sounds like you are having fun times! Check out luke and my blog!