Wednesday, July 30, 2008

stand up

I'm so blessed, we're so blessed. Christians, stand up, show people what it is you live for, rather then just talking about it. I'm so sick of people thinking its sweet to just ignore parts of the Word, I'm not even talking grey areas, I'm talking black and white. Why do you think it's sweet to go and get drunk? And being unequally yoked? I'm by no means perfect but man, we needa stand up. We need to love. Love God and love people, everything else should flow out of that. I was thinking about this for so long the other day, I had way more to say but maybe I'll just leave it there, otherwise I could harp on for hours. But seriously, can we just stand up for something for once? Could we start by knowing what it is we stand for in the first place? How can we be so passionate in the church or in the conference and just completely forget who and WHOSE we are Monday- Saturday? It's so dumb man, this is for me too, hit me up! Yeah I'm off now.

Love Bizzle x

Listening to: Upstairs- Shane and Shane

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