Friday, July 18, 2008

woah life goes on

so im back to the 'daily grind' or whatever it is people call day to day life, and its not the total down buzz i imagined. work is pretty sweet at the moment, i really like the people i work with, all 3 of us hahaha and except for the people that work at winz and a few other exceptions our customers are amazing too, so thats nice. its actually something to be so thankful for i reckon coz heaps of people are stuck in jobs that they hate and that would kill me i think.

mmm, anyway. just been watching chick flicks with some sauce girls, nice as, and we had this mean cob loaf with dip for dinner, i feel so so sick now ahahaha. tomorrow morning i have work then heading up to auckland for my sisters engagement party, yee so exciting! and IM CATCHING THE INTERCITY BUS BACK TO HAMILTON SUNDAY MORNING. actually stoked on this believe it or not, i've wanted to for ages, just a weird little dream of mine i know. then danny guglielmucci is speaking at eastside this weekend (wooo!) busy busy as, just trying to find my time to escape to my 'fig tree' and seek my God everyday, I just want my eyes to be open to every opportunity he has for me, to speak, to love. i actually found a new fave on the new hillsong album 'this is our God' its the last song and its called 'with everything' mm here are the lyrics...

open our eyes, to see the things that make your heart cry
to be the church that you would desire, your light to be seen.

break down our pride, and all the walls we've built up inside
our earthly crowns and all our desires, we lay at your feet

let hope rise, darkness tremble
in your holy light, that every eye will see
jesus our god, great and mighty to be praised.

God of all days, glorious in all of your ways
oh the majesty, the wonder and grace
in the light of your name

with everything, with everything, we will shout for your glory
with everything, with everything, we will shout forth your praise

our hearts they cry, be glorified
be lifted high above all names, for you our king with everything
we will shout forth your praise..

and then they do that 'woah oh oh oh..' thing that people dont realise how amazing it is, its like a battle cry or something, i love it lots.

ahh nice times. time for bed, i'll put that song on repeat and then sleepies.
love bizzle x

Listening to: With Everything- Hillsong

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bobdavidblog said...

It is a great song eh :D That whole album is awesome