Tuesday, June 17, 2008

busy busy busy

update time:

i had a crazyyy weekend, friday night went up to noise with leon and then israel an kelsi decided to come to heh heh. saw lauren, gave her the biggest hug of my life and saw some sweet, sweet bands. also found my new addiction, lip iced green tea, citrus flavour, but im told peach is even better, i'll try it something this week mmm

anyways, arms reach rocked the party, or whatever you say. and mumsdollar made me extremely happy like they always do when they play, its funny coz im still stoked on them after all these years, its good as. and then we went to our car and we got towed! booo! so it took 2 hours and $200 to get the car back. leon went in search for the car with caleb and isaiah while kelsi and israel and i stayed back at the cathedral in parnell. we took pictures. heres some...

we got back to hamilton at 3am (after hilarious tired talk) and i was on call for work on saturday but never got called in (hallelujah) so chilled til emilys party at barzurk :) then we went on some adventures, they were fun for awhile, but then i was sick and everyone was just talking about how they are all leaving (bain of my existence i swear)

sunday i slept lots and churched and jess got baptised! and now its back to work, went for coffee again with rosie yesterday afternoon(monday) we chilled, it was good, she took pictures

.. its also totally necessary that i tell you right here that in amongst my adventures with rosie i bought onesie pajamas! i do infact plan on wearing these in our backpackers in australia hah!

so now im gearing up for a few busy weeks, tga this weekend (i hope) then australia on the 5th of july, jess' fundraiser the day i get back (eeeek) oh! heres a poster for that designed by the wonderful Danelle, shes amazing..

come come come!

also i think i should rename this phlog? coz it has so many photos usually. its been raining, i love it at night time :)

Listening to: Speak for Yourself- Imogen Heap

p.s- hi bob :) i will write a new blog tomorrow night re. our discussions tonight hehehe.

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