Tuesday, May 12, 2009

paw paw ointment please.

i would like to re-decorate my room.
never have to sleep so i can read alot.
have a never ending supply of green tea.
and to be able to burn incense without it making my mama dizzy.

i also spend too many hours getting lost on weheartit.com late at night instead of sleeping.

and i'm into truth in a big way.


Babylon ♥ said...

how lovely is inscence
i have the vanilla kind at the moment
the last picture here is so nice.
I love the peace flags at the back
I have some in my room with rose fairy lights ^_^

tongue tied and twisted said...

dear chrissy.
i love paw paw ointment. i have copious amounts of tubes of it. i stock up everytime i go back to sydney. i also stay up late and look at weheartit waaaay too much. and i loved photo one.
hope you are well, dear girl
loving you xx

Pants said...

such cute pics, my lovely :)I am too, obsessed with weheartit, there are so many cute pictures! and I wish we didnt have to sleep...cos i do it waaaaaay too much, hehe, hope you're well... much love xx

alexandra said...

ohhhhh i'm loving this post! xx

Jess said...

i want that bed in the bottom picture.
I think i would sleep forever on it.