Sunday, May 24, 2009

my heart always gets involved so quickly. when i love people, i don't hold back a whole lot. feels like i loved the wrong person again.

p.s- i bought paw paw ointment. and some more john mayer cd's. also, some winter boots and two new postsecret books.

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Pants said...

Hey sweetie,
Just mostly ok? That’s not good, is it :( By the looks of this post, you and I are in the same boat and it’s a little, crappy, wooden boat :) I ‘broke-up’ with one of my best friends recently cos I loved him too much and even though I tried to hide it and was happy just being friends, it still managed to screw everything up…oh well, life goes on :)…I hope you feel better soon, lovely…

Ps: I love post secret…makes you feel a little better about your life…hehe

love xx