Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i can read

Found this sweet website via Cupcakes, Daisies and Sunday Afternoons , called I Can Read

oh sweet girl, you are so precious in the Fathers eyes and to me also!

I would really, really like to do this to the back of my door. Infact, I think I will.

Friend, I will always love you, but your only the person I really know about 15% of the time. The other 85%.. well I just don't know. I miss the real you. Or what was the real you. I'm okay with change when its moving on and growing up, but just becoming, kinda a stink person, it's not so simple to deal with.

That aside, I booked tickets to Brisbane last night, Byron Bay to be more specific. I am so, so excited. A weEk long break sounds like a dream. And I'm borrowing 'The Perks of being a Wallflower" off my friend, I might head off and read that now.

p.s- Check out the use of capital letters etc. here tonight folks, unusual for me.


Jess said...

i like all these things. apart from the stink friend thing. but the pictures are beautiful x

tongue tied and twisted said...

capitals hey? why?
ps. i am back!
china blocked blogspot for a while. but i found a way around it
missed you