Monday, June 29, 2009

you arrived just in time frankie

having the new copy of frankie magazine in my hands makes me very happy. it's the 30th issue and they have a list of 30 things that they love, so here's my list of 30 things that make me happy, feel free to comment some of your own.

1. my friends, for the hangs, the hugs and they are so good looking. 2. staring at the sky. 3. perspective. 4. baking, anything, all the time, even after a day at work, i still want to bake. 5. pancakes and ice cream, goodness me, delish! 6. irony. 7. rainy sundays when i can just stay in bed for ages and not have to think about work. 8. having a really long, really hot shower and then jumping into bed with clean sheets. 9. having a jug that has a setting that keeps the water hot all the time! green tea in a flash. 10. phone calls with friends in other countries. 11. inside jokes, the kind where you don't even have to finish the joke because everyone involved is already laughing part-way through. 12. conversing with my mother via facebook, especially when she's just down the hallway. 13. re-decorating my walls and feeling totally satisfied with them.. for about a week. 14. hanging polaroids with wooden pegs, oh i love wooden pegs. 15. 'i love' lists, so uplifting haha. 16. generally, lists, i love lists so much, i'm the kind of person that writes things that i've already done on them so i can cross them off. 17. my job, i really do, i love my regular customers, the people i work with, the smell of coffee, baking all day and picking the music we listen to. 18. 'i caught myself' by paramore, i listen to it pretty much every day. 19. john mayer's music, i really do listen to him everyday. without fail. 20. dancing all night and then eating turkish delight. 21. this one boy, that really brightens my day. 22. counting down to things, australia in 25 days. 23. making something really cool from something kinda dumb from the opshop eg. awful blue mum jeans, into acid washed, cut offs to be worn with tights, nice. 24. fluffy towels, not the kind that attack you with their fluff though. 25. turning off the computer and reading. 26. hot water bottles. 27. those 'i haven't seen you in so long, i'm so glad your in my life' hugs. 28. alaska's ep, i mentioned them in an earlier post and truly if you didn't download the album, i reeeally suggest you do! they make beautiful music with harps and violins and goodness me, just check it out and then let me know what you think. 29. talking to my sisters on the phone. 30. writing.

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setyourselfonfire said...

ahhh you are so lucky to have a subscription! i want i want.