Wednesday, July 1, 2009

just a minute.. in july

heck! already? july!?

Reading... wild at heart and captivating. two in one thingo, its sweet.

Watching... mmm, 'dan in real life' last night, was really good!

Loving... the beauty of winter mornings but wishing it didn't result in my car beig covered in frost!

Cooking... a 14 layer cake on saturday if all goes to plan!

Wanting... always sleep. and also a diana camera, and my lomo action sampler to work. also these really cute floral tights and sunglasses i saw. i'd say acid wash tights but i plan to make my own this week. oh i said it anyway. also, i'd like my dad to be well, you know how dads are meant to be strong and basically invincible? my dads abit ill, can't get out of bed, i mostly hope he's ok.

oh goodness, you hold the ones to my heart.


melanie said...

i looove your posts!

setyourselfonfire said...

oh i love reading these. hope your dad gets better xx