Monday, June 22, 2009

you are truly beautiful but so is fools gold..

life is full of really beautiful things, friends, family, music, coffee, photos, adventures. i was abit sick on the weekend, migraines and such but it was beautiful none the less.

i've had the privilege of seeing a band called 'alaska' live twice in the last few weeks, they make such beautiful music and have an ep available for FREE. if you head here i'm pretty sure you will find it!

i go to byron bay in 5 weeks! and to splendour in the grass! this pictures depicts how happy that makes me!

also, it was my niece alyssa's first birthday on the weekend, got to see my sisters, very good.

my sister made that! she is so super talented.

my other amazing sister, she wont let me put this on facebook, but i don't think she reads this heh heh.

aaand, my room is in serious need of some de-cluttering! it's crazy, such a looong process though. one day, one day.. haha.

love and light x

p.s- i think i have an almond stuck in the back of my throat, feels v. weird.

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