Thursday, September 4, 2008

the truth will set you free.

so many people comin' and going, isaiah flew off yesterday, im ok, more then ok.
i came to my own revelation about something that has been taking up way too much of my headspace lately and it feels like a weight off my shoulder, thank you jesus.

isaiahs last night in nz, we watched thats so raven til some silly hour, such rockstars.

i have some really beautiful people in my life. like my lifegroup girls.

me and glowia.

hannah babe.

today i cleaned my room, then i got bored of cleaning it, i really want to re-do it completely, its too small for a double bed, disappointing.

tomorrow night we have a girls night at church, with a wedding theme, it'll be so so cute! i picked up some fairy lights for it today, i hear that there may be a chocolate fountain too, yum! i'll take pics.

i found this cool thing on another blog that i like to read, its so pretty and inspiring.

1) clothes shop: i'd have to say probably dotti and opshops.. except that alot of my shirts are online and from bands.

2) furniture shop: redcurrent have so many lovely things! i want a coat stand from there!

3) sweet: so hard! i have such a sweet tooth! i love ice cream, and chocolate fondue! mm yeah, those the most.

4) city: i do love hamilton coz thats where most of my friends are, but to visit i love wellington in nz. or sydney was amazing! i like it the most out of every where i've been in australia. america i dont remember too well. fiji, well its nice to relax but i get bored.

5) drink: ohh! i am basically addicted to diet coke! but i love lemon, lime and bitters, ice green tea and hot blackcurrants! and coffee mm. and wine sometimes.

6) music: too much to even start, acoustic, folk, hardcore, pretty music, basically everything, even abit of ya trick ya if i'm in the right mood ;)

7) tv series: extras, summer heights high, friends, shortland street! ohh and gilmore girls and kath and kim!

8) film: chick flicks and feel good movies, right now i love 27 dresses. but also into the wild and batman etc.

9) workout: walking. or team sports.

10) pastries: ohh croissants! especially with chocolate in them, yum! pastries are such a weakness of mine!

11) coffee: yum! either trim flat white or trim caramel mocha if i need the sugar heh heh.

Listening To: My Love Goes Free- Jon Foreman

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