Friday, August 29, 2008

spaces and seasons

maybe its not a real wicked idea to write a blog after i've had the worst week i've had in a very long time? mmm i promise to keep the whining to a minimum though.. i'm in such a weird space right now, yes people are leaving, yes things are changing, yes people let us down, but the friends that stick by me i seem to be pushing away too, why is this? i feel so drained and sick. i was listening to shane and shane the other, i just bought their album 'upstairs' it is so, so good. this song and the words that they wrote about it in the lyrics book really stood out to me..

"i have been eating off papaer plates for a while now. beautiful, white, disposible plates. quick... convenient... tasty... at least for a moment. but oh for the feast. the four course meal. the indescribable feel of forever. where everything turns to rubbish. and fast food becomes bland and i wake with a longing...
now, i sleep... aching... malnourished.. because for some reason i've been blessed to sit at the table.. and i hate that i'm satisfied without it. with drive throughs and fast food. i miss him.
i walk with jesus. i love him. but there is something about the feast. there is someting about his feet".

"oh for the grace to enjoy the one thing necessary". (luke 10:42)

put down your paper plates
come to the table made
deep blue china
found on the table by the wine
so fine

it brings out flavor
like you bring out color in life

oh, i miss you so
the feel of forever
oh, the taste i know
it hurts to remember
unfortunately high
ironically dissatisfied
i miss you
i miss you

oh, i miss you so
the feel of forever
oh, the taste i know
it hurts to remember

i had a fleeting thought this morning
and i mentioned you today
it breaks my heart just to know you in part
and not to be with you where you are.

i miss you- shane and shane.

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