Wednesday, August 13, 2008

quiet nights

love them, i've just been looking at pretty blogs for about the last hour, i want one heh heh.
i've also been dreaming of travelling, i was looking at camp america but i don't really know if that woulf be for me. i dream of europe constantly, il get there one day soon. next year its sydney, then maybe i'll take a year off travelling and save, who knows, hopefully my sister can get me a flight some place cheap, sometime soon. i'd like a holiday, sydney was amazing, but not really a holiday, in the sense that i didn't rest or sleep properly at all during the week i was away. maybe i should plan something awesome for this summer, who wants to go on a roadtrip for a week? i'm completely keen, i might start saving for that too.

i'm keen for summer soonish, not just yet though.

Listening to:19- Adele

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setyourselfonfire said...

ooh tell me where you found all these pretty blogs? i always try to find inspiring blogs but i don't think i have the right technique for finding them or something :S