Monday, August 11, 2008

things not to do when applying/trialing for a job

I have learned these things over the past few weeks while reding over C.V's and trialing people at work.

1) Spelling things wrong on your C.V does NOT go down well. Especially when its a heading like "Work ExperiEnce" yes thats right, its not spelt "Experince".

2) "Teaching my younger siblings how to bake cookies" is not previous work experience. Neither is "Caring for my elderly grandparents". Thats just life.

3) When your boss is telling you where the grater goes for the 7th time, don't yell at him in return, its your fault that your dumb in the first place.

4) I thought that croissants were pretty normal? And bagels? Why do you not know what they are?

5) Don't ask if you can start to learn how to make coffees now if after 2 weeks you still can't put the coffee cups in the right place.

6) Don't wear boots you can't walk in and a dress when your working in a kitchen.

7) By the second week of a 2 week trial period you should know enough to not stand there awkwardly all the time.

8) Don't get your friend to speak for you when you come in with your C.V and don't chew gum in my face.

9) Since when is it normal to take the front piece of cake off the platter and leave a gap at the front of the display?

10) Watch other staff members for clues on how to act regarding what food you can eat/ drinks you can drink and breaks to take, dont go as far as they do.

11) Don't ask the same dumb question 10 times, i was starting to lose my patience the 4th time you asked.

12) Don't respond to instruction with giggling, unless its funny. If its not funny, theres no need to giggle.

13) When somebody asks you to do something, don't get crazy defensive, especially if they asked nicely, thats just uneccesary.


15) Don't sit on the floor of the kitchen eating toast coz you didn't have breakfast when your meant to be working, or ever.

16) When the oven timer goes off, and everybody else is busy serving customers or not in the shop, don't just leave it for the next 3 minutes, check whats in the oven isnt burning and figure out what happens next, just don't leave that horrible buzzer going.

17) Spelling is great. Learn how to do it.

18) It's always a good idea to shut the hot food display once you've finished in it.

19) When cutting tomatoes etc. it's always good to start with the knife the right way, as in cutting with the sharp part, not the blunt side. Just sayin'

Thats all I have for now based on my last few weeks, got any to add?


bobsblognz said...

Oh Chrissy, that was a joy to read! And well worth the wait! I may got read it again for another chuckle. I will let you know my top 5!

chrissybizzle said...

perfect haha, thanks bob.
il trry blog again tomorrow too.
i've been slack, we needa boost my views haha

setyourselfonfire said...

Hahahaha oh that was the best!

I've loved MKA since i was like 2 haha oh good times. And i used to have all their books and dvds too! But now i only have New York Minute left cause the rest were on video so i sold them.

Oh we have to watch some sometime. Do you still have the Challenge??