Monday, August 4, 2008

i miss you already

isaiah, i miss you already.

i need a new 027 phone, mine is dead, booo! anybody want to give me new one? im gunna have to go buy one tomorrow. and my rego was due today. and i owe my chiropractor money. and i still needa pay for church camp! gahhh! ok, thats enough of that little cry, il be sweet.

anyway, tonight i've just relaxed at home, and looking at all the prettiest blogs ever! i just feel like it should rain now, and i need dim lighting and a cup of tea, mmm.

i still need to put all my pretty new pictures on my wall, perhaps a mission for tomorrow morning or wednesday night, i think im ready for bed now, needa stop stressing about all the things i need, or want. or whatever.

Listening to: 19- Adele

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setyourselfonfire said...

Yes yes yes! Jeremy is going to plan our whole trip and we are going to go NEXT YEAR!! So excited. We will come and chat with your mummy :)