Sunday, August 3, 2008

hellos and goodbyes

ok i lied about the hellos. i haven't really said any hellos to new people in my life. i havent really said any goodbyes either though i guess, just 'see you later's.

so, friday night we had our 'ONE' service, which was about 20 youth ministries from hamilton coming together and lifting up Jesus with one vioce, there was no competition and it was just a sweet, sweet night, it doesn't matter who you are, or where you come from, we are all one body. then we went and chilled at my house for abit, i was still so dang dizzy, its getting better though, i pray im ok at work tomorrow!

i call him leong tan, hes pretty neat.

this is amanda, shes pretty lovely.

mmm, saturday i worked then chilled at rosies with some other cool kids. we watched the rugby and ate beer steak. mean! still abit dizzy but ok.

rosie, could you please just get in a picture with me for once?

sunday had church, real bad dizziness in the day, just hung by myself and had some timeout then night church and metropolis wooo! its 11:13pm now, i need to go to bed! im a nana heh heh. that was possibly the most boring thing i've written? oh! im gunna get a laptop from father! just gotta save a few hundred and a mean one will be all mine! yeee!

goodnight x

Listening to: Crazy for you- Adele

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