Friday, September 26, 2008

sleepovers and cups of tea

hello friendlies.

last night at church we had the world vision girls night out, i was helping with hosting and it was pretty hilarious, julia grace and petra bagust are two very funny ladies! after it finished i had a sleepover with my lifegroup girls and beka, it was nuts. there was movies, and laughter, and mi goreng at 1am. aswel as pushing people in the pool, photos, singing and playing on the gym equipment, i love my girls!

now i am sitting and drinking a cup of tea while i wait for beka to arrive.
or camp rock to come on, whichever comes first! except i think i'll pop out to get some more batteries for my camera first since a bunch of people are visiting me tonight to watch movies (my parents ran away from new zealand AGAIN, in aussie for the weekend) and tomorrow night after church we are hopefully! going to raglan for a bonfire, the weather doesn't look that promising though, so there may need to be a back up plan.

(our last bonfire in raglan when jess was still here, although im pretty sure shes taking the picture)

i put lots more photos on my walls yesterday afternoon when i left work early with the flu/some dumb sickness. im basically sweet now though.

oh! i also went out for breakfast with laura yesterday morning, perfect!

i really miss jess! jess, i miss you! i need more credit for my phones and things.

that is all for now, a little boring but ahh well. x

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jessie_mee said...

like actually heaps
im gunna update my blog now!
love that photo of the bonfire