Monday, September 22, 2008

i've been sitting, waiting, wishing.

hello blogging friendlies!
here is my list of things to do between now and the end of january, join me on my adventure!

1. eat a huge ice cream at pokeno.
2. go on a new years roadtrip with friends and make memories.
3. go to the east cape with kelsi and wear trackpants for 4 days heh heh. ok maybe not the trackpants part.
4. but gladiator sandals!
5. have more sleepovers, especially with laura. with raspberry drops, mmm. and summer heights high.
6. have more themed parties and bbqs and pool parties at my house.
7. completely re-decorate my room.
8. take so many photos.
9. run more.
10. swim in the ocean. (i hate/am scared of it, geek i know)
11. buy pretty togs like the ones i like in frankie.
12. have the best parachute ever.
13. go on day trips to raglan.
14. sit in garden place reading magazines and eating gelato with laura.
15. talk to jess on the phone more.
16. get to know new friends better (this is you amanda :] )
17. go to hastings with leong. i think it was hastings that he said anyway.
18. go on lots of picnics.
19. dinner parties!
20. hang with emily lots and bake cupcakes before she leaves.

ok thats enough for now heh heh... what are some of your things to do this summer?

stole this pic from lauras coputer so i dont know where its from x


Emmi said...

i like number 20. :p and i expecially like that you say togs. he he

.Laura. said...

im coming on every one of these...shotgun your bed at every sleepover!!! i love you i love you i love you.
cereal? come stay.
p.s missed you today...

.Laura. said...

heh heh mean photies oi :) you write pretty things that make me happy :)

jessie_mee said...

do you mean winter? coz thats all im going to be seeing..
kinda depressed by
this makes me excited for you that you're gunna have an amazing summer..
but im totally gunna miss it..
Love you
I want to talk on the phone to you more aswell

setyourselfonfire said...

i love that i feature!

guess what guess what... i don't know if Laura has told you yet but J and i are 100% shifting to Newcastle road!!!!

Happy happy happy :)

she. said...

21. Go see Elle.

We're followers of each other now :D
how you doing missy?
your fantastic!