Tuesday, October 21, 2008

you really got a hold on me

hello hello blog world!
life has been super busy the last week and it doesn't stop! i think its coz summers comin' or something..
so, updates..
friday 17th october, on the waipa delta, such a fun night. it was so sweet havin' it on the waipa delta before it moves to auckland (again, what the heck!??).
the top deck was the dance floor and we had blair the DJ busting out some sweet beats which i break and entered to (the best dance move ever, we had a big group of us doing it, fun plus)
and the bottom deck we had the awards and photos in.. so pretty, a few shots of the night..

on saturday we played at my house, i made oreo treats, they were wonderful..
on sunday emily and i made cupcakes, kathleens recipe reading skills were so important for this.. heh heh heh. then we went to church and then played at metropolis.

this week i was really sick on monday and tuesday, but went and played with kelsis puppies on tuesday night along with leong.. they are so cute!

Listening to:Volume 1- She and Him


.Laura. said...

Yaaay DJ Blair! he's the Best! haha break and enter! thats gold, i have videos to prove it heheh. Well my friend, you looked amazing (as always) at the oscars! and Chloes such a babe!
hehe put the puppies in leon :P

jessie_mee said...

ooh whos dress did you wear to the oscars?! coz you look like a babe lol