Thursday, October 2, 2008

we could drive 'til we've run out of road

i just watched the cutest movie..

.. No Reservations, I love it! it makes me happy, i like happy movies, if you need a happy movie, you should watch this one :)
- i just said happy waaay too many times haha.

mmm today i bought gladiator sandals! and im still stoked on them, which means they were worth every penny :)

also, laura and i are going to scotts for breakfast tomorrow morning, at 7:30am whats more.. but i love scotts and i love laura! and i love breakfast, speaking of, you should check out its so pretty, except if you dont like breakfast (you are crazy and maybe our friendship will be over).

im going to clean my room now, my little corner of the world is currently a huge mess! night! xo

Listening to: What to do with Daylight- Brooke Fraser

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