Wednesday, October 8, 2008

moments like these..

i just enjoyed a 3 day weekend and it was perfect! it started on friday night at bekas house. we watched juno (again) had a dance party and roasted marshmellows over the brazier (this just turned into a marshmellow war hah!)

another feet shot? perhaps a new tradition for me?

josh and i rockin out

some marshmellow/brazier action

saturday morning i woke up bright and early and met laura for breakfast at scotts, we did a bit of shopping then i went home quickly before going over to kelsis! we had her birthday lunch, made yummy cocktails and then went for dinner at cullens...

kels, sarah and i leaving for cullens..

it was yum!

josh and leong being awesome(?)

kels and i as we left cullens..

sunday i had lunch with mum at sierra, then went to church early with beka to help with set design, it looked amazing for the record... then metropolis.

monday! dave, gretta, beka and i went on an adventure to auckland for the day! the weather was terrbiel haha but it was still so fun.. shopping in sylvia park, op shopping on k road, visiting friends at hostels, eating dinner in the metro foodcourt, followed by drinking chais (from circus circus yum!) and dancing in the rain up mt eden.. gretta provided the supplies (bottles of water with freshly squeezed lemon which she squeezed in the car and bananas) and i provided the sweet beats... magical. i missed jess... jess i missed you!

i think bekas into me?

mt edens even pretty in the rain..

circus circus!

dave and c.p (co pilot)

the sweet beats..

Watching: VMA's!

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jessie_mee said...

this sounds quitre possibly perfect..
kelsi's really xxx