Wednesday, October 7, 2009

hold on my heart

i know my heart your strong,
got a feeling that you'll survive,
these lost and lonesome times.

hold on my heart, hold on my heart,
find your stronger part and hold on my heart.

thinking of him each day, when he is miles away,
you know it wont serve you well,
it's better for time to tell.

now you're growin, up wiser,
oh, your not so easily crushed,
still innocent and strange,
all your strength still remains.

oh sarah blasko, i do enjoy you endlessly.

p.s- i really enjoy this one alot too. we don't have a picture together and i'm not into that fact at all.

images 1 and 2 found via we heart it.


darlingchatter123 said...

lovely! :)

The Girl Who Loves Velvet said...

i love the blog! such great photos :)
if you have time would you look at mine?
thanks and keep it up!