Monday, November 10, 2008

wish you well

Today, Emily May Elizabeth Davis got on a plane and went back to australia.
it's such a weird thought that on friday night when i'm doing whatever i'm doing, she wont be there. and on sunday after church when we go to metropolis, she still wont be there. it's been such a crazy year for friends moving.. i love you emmi..

picnic at the gardens in january, wine glasses and everything ahaha.

on our way into parachute

the day we nearly walked from her house to church coz it only takes 15 minutes aye em? hahaha (i'll have you know that it'd probably take close to 2 hours).

one of the times we baked cupcakes!

bonfire in raglan!

at metrops one summers night.

eating some sweet wendys in tga after watching the ember days play!

some form of show.

on the plane to sydney!!

outside the airport with no doze, 3am mind you.

in circus circus, mt eden. the last weekend we played.

moustache party!

at israels 18th

you will be missed..


Emmi said...

awe your sweet...
love you beautiful xx

setyourselfonfire said...

Wow amazing memories! Beautiful photos xo