Tuesday, February 3, 2009

stop talking, start dancing.

life in all its craziness hasn't really stopped since before parachute, so i'm taking a night out to myself. last week saw shows in tauranga and hamilton with isaiah, first elevate night of the year, epic hangs on a wednesday night and brinner party on sunday(which pretty much ruled my life) top things over the past week that made me happy:

like a bat outta hell.. those in-jokes that have you in fits of laughter until you collapse into a little pile on the ground. brinner, best invention ever, for those who love breakfast but don't love mornings, breakfast for dinner, cream cheese on bagels and blueberry pancakes! picnics in the park next to church, forgot how much i love those. 1kg of cocktail sausages and camembert cheese on the way back from tga show coz countdown's the only place open at 11:45pm. diet coke/dance commander. arms reach dance parties, complete magic. 'fag' txts that make me laugh when i should be working or something equally as serious. sushi, at all costs, salmon is key. friends coming home. my quote book, filled with the funny things that come outta our mouths and end up written down in my book of gems.

things coming up that im excited about:
laura staying, she'll shotgun my bed, i'll yell 'lies', i'll come into my room after brushing my teeth and she'll be all cuddled up in it hah. beach trip on friday on the cards along with perhaps a fondue night, no matter what lots of photos and laughter. grahams 21st and rosies flat warming on saturday night, get my dance on. beka and chloes black and white 18th on sunday, my beautiful girls. working with cayley whilst shes on holiday from study, she lights up my life.

i will be content in today.


setyourselfonfire said...

Sounds amazing hun! You have such a great life :)

setyourselfonfire said...

P.s my verification word for that last comment was "cofeh" which is funny if you say it out loud like a snobby person saying "coffee". Hahaha made me laugh anyway.

jessie_mee said...

none of this sounds fun
and im so glad im not home to join in this