Tuesday, September 1, 2009

my corner.

rearranged my room, magic! heres a few snaps in average light.

Bob Dylan is a genius.

I'm searching for cute vintage white frames from opshops to put my Frankie magazine posters in. (sorry if you think thats 'sad')

I do love these book shelves, got the last in New Zealand, this is one little box of 6, lovely.

Also, I'm addicted to Pixie Lott's cover of Use Somebody by Kings of Leon, and John Mayer is still ruling my playlists.

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Shayla shut your eyes said...

i'm late on this post miss! but i think your room looks ADORABLE!

and i've been trying to do the same with my frankie posters, but i can never find frames that fit quite right!
i hope you have better luck!