Tuesday, April 15, 2008

life is really big.

pretty much, this sums up all my thoughts. life is really big. and crazy. and overwhelming at times. but my jesus is constant. he never leaves my side. and no matter what, he is sovereign. i yearn for you my jesus. and even though everytime i say teach me, you really do, and its never easy. teach me.

and also, sometimes i hate capitals. i dont know why, but just whatever.

I search for you, god of strength.
i bow to you, in my brokeness.
and no other king, could have so humbly come.
to save my soul, and heal my heart.
and i have nothing more, then what you offer me.
there is nothing else, thats of worth to me.
i pray to you, god of peace.
i rest in you, my cares released.
in your freedom i will live, in your freedom i will live.

Listening to: In your Freedom- Hillsong.

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