Monday, December 8, 2008

smiles and sunshine

those i haven't seen you for so long, im so glad i know you hugs. those im always here for you no matter what hugs. hugs under the stars. hugs where you dont want to let go. laughing until you cry. laughing until you cant breathe. laughing until some form of food/beverage comes out of your nose. laughing until you fall off your bed or chair. laughing until your belly hurts so bad and your face aches. dance in the rain. running until you fall over. lying in the grass(until the hayfever kicks in). singing at the top of your lungs into a diet coke bottle. dancing until the small hours of the morning. holding hands, always. wooden bangles. christmas lights twinkling. peppermint candycanes. strawberry gum that never runs out. songs that everyone knows and gets up to dance to. the lights at dave and glens flat. rosies deck. starbuck dates. opshop every seond day atleast. hope. holidays. raglan at night. raglan in the day. sand in my bed. toering. new shoes. green tea. making cookies. printing new photos. conversation that never runs dry. breakfast with laura. list making. facebook status updates. swimming in cutoffs. acid washing said cutoffs. mt eden. trim chai from circus circus. roast veges. advent calendar. countdowns. clifford. greeting each other with a kiss on the cheek. candles. incense. church for hours. worship. serving. christmas cards. im thinking of you txts. i think you'll find this funny txts. love love love.

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