Thursday, January 29, 2009

'chute highlights.

$1 bribe to skip the cue of 10 for donuts. one love vege food vendor + the lady that worked there. gazebos and couches. incense party. nutri-grain, straight up. family force 5 at palladium. secret ember days worship at debut. seeing isaiah. laura staying. tap showers. arms reach, generally, amazing dance times. radiator t-shirt. sunday night with bex and josiah. shooting stars with amy-lee. thursday night in line. beka, bex, lauren, kathleen, kelsi, josh, bill, dave, glen, graham, mark, cam and any other straglers that stayed with us (not quite any). celery. dc- the dance commander. those organic salads at the main cafe. supporters car parking for the win. quick pack up. least anti-climax monday thus far. frozen cokes with atleast twice the normal amount of sugar that mc donalds ones have. dressing graham in skinny jeans. creamed rice for beakfast. like a bat outta hell joke. continuation of quote book in my life. life is good with a trailer. chip and dip run. twloha. still letting the whole weekend dominate conversation 4 days later.

best parachute everrrr.


setyourselfonfire said...

Sounds absolutely amazing hun! Wish i was there to share the memories xxx

Emmi said...

awww. sounds amazing hun! :D xx

jessie_mee said...

best parachute eveer huh? lol i wasnt there..haha x