Friday, January 16, 2009

parachute '09

this what im going to, printed out my programme and highlighted it the day it was released hahaha.

8am arrive.
5pm addison- deluxe
7pm past the sky- debut
7:30pm fly by wire(brothers band)- debut
8:10pm late 80's- mainstage
9pm mumsdollar- mainstage
10:20pm shooting stars- palladium
11pm family force five- palladium

9:30am morning meeting- mainstage
7:35pm all left out- mainstage
8:20pm family force five- mainstage
9pm addison- debut
9:40pm arms reach- deluxe
10:30pm ember days- palladium

9:30am morning meeting- mainstage
1:20pm shooting stars- deluxe
3:10pm bright lights- deluxe
4:30 arms reach- deluxe
6:15 the ember days- mainstage
6:40 mumsdollar- palladium
7:30 fletcher- debut
8:30 smalltown heroics- deluxe
9pm parachute band- mainstage
11pm all left out- palladium
11:10pm addison- deluxe



Thomas said...

arrive at parachute | set up tent

mainstage | 7.30pm | the wildcard comp winner
mainstage | 9.55pm | rapture ruckus
palladium | 11.00pm | family force 5


mainstage | 9.30am | morning meeting
palladium | 12.20pm | artist interview
palladium | 3.40pm | primal band
seminar space | 4.10pm | guy talk
mainstage | 8.20pm | family force 5
mainstage | 9.25pm | kutless
palladium | 10.30pm | the ember days
palladium | 11.10pm | fatis valour


mainstage | 9.30am | morning meeting
seminar space | 12.30pm | christian responsibility in a dying world
seminar space | 1.20pm | hurt people - hurt people
seminar space | 4.50pm | creativity & the arts: new hope for the 21st century
mainstage | 6.15pm | the ember days
mainstage | 7.40pm | joe pringle
mainstage | 9.20pm | david crowder band
mainstage | 10.35pm | casting crowns


mainstage | 9.30am | morning meeting
mainstage | 11.20am | casting crowns

sometime in the afternoon | go home =[

jessie_mee said...

ill go to everything you're going to bizzle..i wish

love you x

bobsblognz said...

I will be seeing you a lot methinks, similar choices! Except i'm old so I like dave dobbyn yay yah

Also, thank you for pointing out to me that Shooting Stars was playing twice. MEAN!