Monday, March 23, 2009

100th post.

how exciting!
and on my new computer too! yee!

so busy lately! my 18th party, coldplay, people coming and going... but He is constant and He is sovereign and on the throne. always.

photos of my hot friends for you to stare at..

i was pretty anti this picture, but not the boy. good friend. dick.

i went to coldplay, they made me fall in love, all kinds of amazing and wonderful..

my best friend, miss laura jane. love her, we also don't intend on wearing nearly, matching outfits and don't actually shop together all that often, what can i say, we are one?

top things to look forward to:

akl this weekend for skyes 21st.
easter camp, hangs with kathleen and floss. yay.
80's fever youth camp.
my next lifegroup, i miss my girls.
starting my new scrapbook.
printing more photos.
the green tea im about to go make.

i so enjoy rob ryan's art. and listening to angels and airwaves tonight. x

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sucre rose said...

your so pretty! love your candids