Sunday, April 26, 2009

and so it goes

im miles from where you are
i lay down on the cold ground
and i pray that something picks me up
and sets me down in your warm arms.

martha wainwright is so good.

weekend at the beach. coffee. opshops. surf shops. sand castles. twilight. gilmore girls. fondue. pancake lunch. waves crashing. rain. boots. feist. blankets. green tea. sisterhood of the travelling pants 2. laughing fits. group cooking efforts. more coffee.


Jess said...

i love that song. and your weekend sounds amazing. like actually. I had a pretty good weekend too. xxx

setyourselfonfire said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend. Hope the op shopping was amazing. And p.s i love feist.

Emmi said...

LOVE that song. heh. and, i also watched twilight and sisterhood of the traveling pants 2. hehe. sounds like fun! xx

jules said...

Love love. Sounds amazing, pretty pictures.

elle moss said...

luv :)