Saturday, April 4, 2009

my dear we're slow dancing in a burning room

this weekend has been beautiful..
sleepovers with laura. sunday brunch with laura and beka. shopping and finding sweet bargains. baking. sunshine. laughter. conversation. impromptu adventure to auckland to visit mt eden and play in the city.
getting ready for the busy busy week ahead..

monday- wednesday nights i'm helping with this thing called 'stations of the cross' its like an interactive art exhibition held in the Hamilton gardens every easter. heaps of artists come together to make it happen and it is such a priviledge to be part of it, ushering people through. if your from Hamilton make sure you come and check it out.. doors at 7:30 pm each night til around 10pm, its $5 and runs until Saturday night. and you get an amazing fair trade coffee (or hot chocolate) once you've been through.

then thursday night until monday afternoon i'm going to easter camp. so excited. a 4 day break sounds like a dream!

pretty much only listening to around 6 artists/bands at the moment.. john mayer, adele, angels and airwaves, justice, the postal service, the ember days, coldplay and a few others.. so good.

(not sure where this picture came from, got it from lauras computer)

love and light. x

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lauren joy said...

sounds lovely babe. miss you x