Wednesday, February 27, 2008


i love nights where i dont have to be anywhere or with anybody and i can just sit. reflect. get lost in my thoughts.
(except of course when my night is interrupted with driving lessons, but they're well worth it when my dad says something like "you have to treat evry person on the road like they're an idiot, cause most are" ahahah)

i've just been searching around deviantart for pretty pictures, i love photography, it would be so wicked if i had sweet skills, but just the looking is so inspiring.

and today i picked up a book about sydney from the travel agents, 18 weeks to go.. im so excited! 7 days with some of my closest friends, shopping, cultures(we're staying so close to china town YAY!)the beach, krispy kremes, catching up with old friends and the main event hillsong conference... actually can not wait! i kinda feel like i shouldn't be spending so much time looking forward to it coz then half of the year will be gone already, woah. plus theres heaps of sweet stuff before it, like, youth camp next weekend, my birthday! easter camp in mystery creek (best camp in the world btw). probably something i need to really learn is loving the minute that i'm in, instead of just looking to the next thing, preparing myself for the next event, but just need to stop and be. be still and know...

i am coming for you china town...

post secret is wonderful.

Listening to: Kimbra's demos.

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